How to Clean Common Carpet Stains

Cleaning Common Carpet StainStains can damage your carpet and these should be eliminated immediately. First, you must assess the type of stain then check the extent of the affected area. This way, you can easily treat the problems with appropriate techniques.

You can use several stain removal solutions, but there are home items that are effective to use for cleaning your carpets. Using these solutions together with proper techniques can save you time and effort for optimal cleaning of carpets. Below are the procedures on how to clean common carpet stains.

Two Common Dilemmas of Carpet Stains

Inks from pens are hard to remove especially if you are unable to execute the appropriate technique of cleaning the carpets. You should know how to handle stain, because there is always the risk of spreading it to the unaffected parts of the carpet.

This will worsen the beauty of your floor items. However inks, like blood stains, can be easily removed if the cleaning process is done right.

Pet stains will not just ruin your rugs or carpets, but they can leave several pathogens that may cause allergic and respiratory problems. Moreover, they leave foul-smelling odors that are not good for your family’s health.

Procedures to Remove Common Stains

To remove ink stains, you need to:

  1. Use a clean cloth and damp it with isopropyl alcohol. Make sure to use aseptic solutions that have higher percentage of alcohol content. Dab the cloth on the affected part of the carpet.
  2. Avoid scrubbing or rubbing the carpet because this will spread the ink stains. You can also use beauty products such as nail polishes or hairsprays. These are effective solutions that can remove the inks, but make sure to use them appropriately because these have components that can fade the colors of your carpets.
  3. Any solution with chemicals used for removing inks must be rinsed with water and dried with vacuum (HEPA) system.

To remove pet stains, you should:

  1. Dispose the mess like pet stool using hand gloves. Blot the affected area using a solution to moisten it. Just avoid scrubbing or smearing the stain to prevent spreading the bacteria.
  2. For pet’s urine, you can use black lights to locate the affected area. Turn off the lights and activate the black light to determine the soiled parts. Outline the identified area with a chalk.
  3. Neutralize the smell by using ammonium-based products. You need to remove the odor because pets are fond of leaving their waste products on the same spots. You can use water with vinegar and spray it over the affected part.
  4. You can also use hydrogen peroxide and mix it with water before spraying over the foul-smelling parts of the carpets. Dissolved baking soda is another option. Rinse and dry the carpet using a vacuum with HEPA system.

Importance of Cleaning Stains

The importance of removing these stains from your carpet is to prevent damaging the natural beauty of the item. It prevents the occurrence of health risks caused by pathogens, as well.

Be cautious with using of chemical solutions because these are highly toxic that may cause several allergic reactions to your skin. Wearing hand gloves and other protective gears is recommended, when cleaning these common stains from your carpet.

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