The Best Way to Get Rid of Mold from Your Floors

Wood floors can be a homeowner’s pride and joy when it comes to his house. These are beautiful and age wonderfully well. There are instances when blemishes do occur in the form of mold. Despite the practice of sealing the floors with a protective coating, there are times when a mold infestation can break through. Before you call an expert to deal with the problem, it may be within your capabilities to deal with the blemish yourself.

What You Need

There are some materials and tools that are useful for cleaning up mold from wood floors. These include the following:

  • Fine sandpaper (100 and 200)
  • Microfiber rug
  • Vacuum (optional)
  • Polyurethane finish
  • Small paintbrush
  • Bleach (optional)


Before anything else, your safety is the priority. Mold can be potentially dangerous and precautions should be in place in order to successfully repair the blemished flooring. Open any doors and windows in the room or area where you will be cleaning up. Good ventilation is important.


The first thing to do, after opening windows and doors, is to assess the entire floor for any other spots that may have molds. This is so there is only one concerted effort to remove the mold from the floor instead of repetitive efforts when you discover more spots. Once you have established the mold infestations, mark these or clear the area so you will not forget.

Clean Up

If the mold is only on the polyurethane coating, you will just need to wipe it clean from the coating. If the mold has permeated below the coating, you need to pry off the coating or sand off the coating with the mold. It is preferable that you wear a mask since you will be working up close to the mold and sanding can send it airborne.

If you were lucky enough and the mold was just in the coating, just wipe the area to remove the dust. Your rag should be a microfiber one or if it is just an ordinary rag, dampen it so the dust will not fly around. Be careful doing this.

Sometimes, mold will penetrate the polyurethane coating and enter the wood grain. If this is the case, some sanding is necessary on the wood itself. Use the 100 sandpaper first and then follow up with the 200. Your sanding motion should be gentle in order not to make any more damage to the wood.

To prevent any mold from spreading, you might want to spray some bleach on the area. Do this with care since bleach might whiten the wood that you are working on. It might also compromise the integrity of the protective coating. If you are wary of doing this, then do not. This is just an additional precaution.

When you are satisfied with the results of your labor, wipe the entire area and some of its surroundings with the microfiber cloth or a rag that has been dampened with white vinegar o the bleach solution. Let the area dry fully before applying the polyurethane coating.

After several hours, or maybe the next day, brush a thin coating of polyurethane over the sanded area and its surroundings. Make sure the initial coating is thin enough that it does not look watery when dry. Add more coatings as you see fit. Leave it alone to dry for several hours.

Getting rid of molds from a wooden floor should be easy enough but there are times when there may be too much mold and you will need the help of an expert or a professional. Make sure you have assessed the problem properly according to your capabilities and do not take on the task if you have doubts. Remember, your safety is the first priority.

Do You Clean Hardwood With Vacuum or Mop?

Standing on Hardwood Floor

Hardwood floors give our homes a warm classy feel. The last thing we need is a stain or an ugly scratch on the floor. They have a natural shine that makes the floor look beautiful.

If not handled properly, the floor loses its shine and becomes just another piece of wood.

If you use hard bristled brooms or regularly drag furniture across the surface of your hardwood floor, it will lose its shiny finishing and expose the wood below.

Another thing most of us don’t know is that dust accelerates the wearing out of the floor. Places like corridors, kitchens and doorways are usually the first places to lose the finishing because they are high traffic areas in the house.

Mopping a Hardwood Floor

Mopping Hardwood FloorFor many years I’ve been using these strategies to clean my hardwood floor with a mop. My floor still has most of its original finishing shine and it is still in good condition. Most people would discourage mopping but the idea is how you mop.

  • If you choose this method, the mop should be as dry as possible. A sopping wet mop will destroy your floor. The point of this is to keep as least moisture on the floor as possible. If you let water stay on it for too long, it will stain and lead to expansion of the boards.
  • Keep it simple. Don’t add vinegar or bleach to your mop water. The solution will be too acidic and will wear out the finishing.
  • Follow the wood. Always mop in the direction of the grain of the wood. This way, you will get as much dirt as possible and will make mopping more effective.
  • I have never used hot water to clean my floor. Hot water has a higher probability of seeping into the wood than cool water. And we all know what happens to wood when it stays damp for along time. Cracks, splinters, the works. Hot water damages your floor.

Vacuuming a Hardwood Floor

This would be a good option if you live with pets. Pets are just shedding machines. I use a vacuum cleaner on my carpets and rugs but a friend recently told me you can still use it on your hardwood. It actually works much better than a broom

  • Most vacuum cleaners have rotating bristles, which makes them ideal for carpets and rugs. But for floors, repeated contact can lead to damage.
  • The best type of vacuum cleaner for hardwood flooring is a canister vacuum according to It has a setting for floors, where the bristles are not rotating and has very high suction power.
  • You also have to choose a vacuum cleaner that has rubber wheels to help you move it around the house. Plastic wheels, or no wheels at all end up scratching your floor.

Which is Better; Mopping or Vacuuming?

Whether you should mop or vacuum really depends on what you’re dealing with. Even if you vacuum regularly, it will still be good to mop it from time to time (just make sure you get rid of all the dust first if you choose to use water or any liquids). These two methods go hand in hand, however; I prefer the vacuum cleaning for its ability to clean hard to reach areas. There are a number of helpful resources like Floor Executives that can really make your life easier.

How to Pick a Good Canister Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is increasingly becoming popular. This type of flooring is commonly chosen because of the elegant look and feel that it can give to any kind of home, whether traditional or modern. However, cleaning hardwood floors might seem to be a bit of a challenge when you don’t have the proper cleaning tools (a good hardwood vacuum).

Hardwood Floor

Simplest Maintenance Method

The most basic thing that you can do to maintain your wood floor is to vacuum it regularly. You have to get rid of all those dust and dirt, even the ones that get stuck between the crevices and corners. You probably have noticed that sometimes brooms, even with very fine bristles, can’t seem to handle those hard to reach areas. So with this, I recommend that you really invest in a good vacuum cleaner that can keep your hardwood floor dust-free and can prevent arm or back aches on your part.

Upright or Canister?

Some of you probably have this question in mind. So if you’re going to ask me, I suggest that you go for the canister vacuum. Yes, upright vacuums may be a little cheaper, but canisters are more appropriate for hardwood because they are lightweight and easier to move. This type of vacuums usually has wheels that can allow you to move it from one part of the house to another without leaving scratches. Aside from that, canisters are also lightweight and you can easily use them without getting muscle aches of any sort. Upright vacuums, on the other hand, are normally heavier which makes it more prone to cause scuff marks.

Choosing the Best Canister Cleaner

So now that you know what you want, you’re going to need to know how to pick the best canister vacuum for your hardwood floor. If canister style vacuums aren’t your style, you can also consider picking up a top rated backpack vacuum cleaner. There are actually a lot of factors that you need to consider, and the most important ones are listed below.

1. High Suction Power

This is pretty self-explanatory. Of course if you want to get rid of all those dirt and small debris in the crevices and corners, your cleaner needs to have a significantly high suction power. If your vacuum has a good suction ability, you can just vacuum the floor once. It will save you a lot more time and energy.

2. Padded

Hardwood can get easily scratched, so you should really double check on your vacuum before purchasing it to ensure that it has rubber or felt pads especially on the vacuum head. These pads can prevent scratch marks on your floor.

3. Without Beater Brush

Check the vacuum head. If it has a brush with hard bristles that rotates, you’re picking the wrong product.Beater brushes are suitable for carpets but definitely not recommended for hardwood. Trust me, these beater brushes with hard bristles will just leave scratch marks all over your floor.

4. Lightweight

As mentioned earlier, an effective cleaning tool needs to be lightweight, so you can move it easily from one place to another. Canister vacuums are normally light but there are some that are a little heavier than usual. So I suggest that you pick one that is lightweight so your daily cleaning task will be a whole lot easier and you won’t get any back or arm aches.

Final Words…

A canister vacuum can be considered as one of the essentials if you have a wood flooring. This can help in maintaining the natural beauty and shine of your hardwood and can even make them last longer. Sometimes, it can be really hard to choose which product to buy especially with all the advertisements claiming their product to be the “best”.

With this, I strongly suggest that you keep in mind the important factors mentioned above so you will be able to judge a product on your own and not just rely on what the advertisements say.

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