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    ZX-FC Aerated vaccum Packaging Machine
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    ZX-FC Aerated vaccum Packaging Machine


    ■ Range of Application:
    Aertated or vaccum packing the irregular materials,including Dehydrated vegetables,Dried fruit.Sunflower seeds.Wolfberry.

    ■ Features:
    ☆ Easy operation
    just put the package on the heat sealing machine,press once to the switch.auto to vaccum,aerate,seal.
    ☆ Easy installation
    Just place the machine on the flat ground,link gas source and power,That’s OK
    ☆ function features
    having high quality Vacuum generator
    using Siemens PLC control,working Stably and reliably firstly vaccuming the bag,then aerating the fresh gas.High concentrations of fresh air makes good preservation.
    Extensible forming mold equipment
    Fast process,good preservation
    Compact,small,simple maintenance

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