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5 of The Best Vacuums for Pet Hair Removal

Pet Hair VacuumIf you have a pet, be it a dog or a cat, it is a fact that you love it. However, the biggest challenge you may face every day is cleaning up the pet hair.

You may feel that it is a never-ending challenge to clean your floor or furniture.

This might result into an embarrassing situation, especially when unexpected visitors come home.

In order to avoid this unnecessary stress, you need not only the best vacuum, but the right one for the task of cleaning pet hair.

When buying a pet vacuum, quality comes first. In the following section, we have provided you with the list of the best pet hair vacuum, which are appropriate for picking up hair.

1. Shark Navigator Lift-Away

The main important features of this machine are the sealing and suction. This model is made with cyclonic technology, and will not disappoint you. The Shark Navigator is excellent at sucking up anything thrown at it.

It can easily clean pet hairs, as well as pieces of lint that may stick on your coach or floor. The machine has a feature called HEPA air filtration designed to separate all dust and allergens inside the vacuum’s canister.

2. Hoover Wind-Tunnel

This is one of the most affordable vacuum models you can buy for this situation. The U5491-900 model comes with a bag, although other models come without a bag. The Hoover Wind-Tunnel vacuums do not have suction control.

However, cleaning hair with this machine will provide excellent results. Some of the areas it can perfectly clean for you include furniture, carpets, and bare floors

3. Miele S-7210 Twist

This vacuum model is a brand made by Miele. It can provide you excellent cleaning from bare floors to carpets. The following list shows its features:

  • Swivel neck designed for tighter turning
  • Suction control

4. Panasonic MC UG775

Panasonic model also has excellent features needed in a pet vacuum. It has a full-bag indicator with a HEPA filter. However, the Panasonic vacuum does not have suction control.

It works at considerably low noise and has a comfortable handle to hold when cleaning. If you are a price sensitive consumer, then you can choose the lightweight model labelled Panasonic MC UG693.

Even though the lighter model has suction control, it does not have features like a HEPA filter and indicator. It looks simple, but performs better in removing pet hair on carpets, bares floors and for tool airflow.

5. Dyson DC41 Animal Complete

It is important for you to note that this model of pet hair vacuum is more expensive than many other models. If you are trying to pick out the best cleaner for pet hair, then nothing will compare to the features used in making this Dyson model.

Some of its features include the following:

  • The vacuum is easy to move around.
  • It has a tangle-free turbine to help remedy pet hair problem.
  • It uses counter-rotating heads, which have in-guilt brushes that pull hard to reach hidden pet debris from carpets and furniture.

Car Vacuum Cleaners – Useful Tools For A Happy Road Trip

Vacuuming CarLong road trips create everlasting memories and leave occasional spills and plenty of crumbs on the seats or the car floor. Dirt, leaves, food crumbs, hair, gravel, ripped paper and roadside debris are a few items that find residence inside your car and settle down in the cracks, crannies or corners.

Using an efficient car vacuum cleaner is the best way to keep your vehicles clean. You can clean your car in sections, concentrating on one part at a time. Clean the ceiling and the seats first. Thereafter, you can clean the windows, luggage space and the exterior.

If you work at tight schedules and don’t get much time to clean your cars, you can get cordless handheld models for it. This way, you can easily vacuum your vehicles while waiting for your friends in the parking lot, on your office breaks or while listening to your favorite songs.


Why Handheld Vacuums?


  • Lightweight,
  • Easily maneuverable,
  • Portable,
  • Easy to use and
  • Affordable.

Many handheld vacuums come with nozzles and attachments of different types that perform various jobs. They generate a powerful airflow to suck in small particles like pet hair and allergens. Since they run on batteries, you needn’t worry about tangled wires and cables running all over your space.

Best Way to Shop For Car Vacuum Cleaners

Car Vacuum Cleaner

If you’re planning to purchase a vacuum cleaner separately for your cars, you should focus on important factors like—suction power, design, accessories, basic features and performance of the device.

It’s necessary to focus on the suction power. Go for gadgets that generate powerful airflow so that you can easily get rid of the debris settled in nooks and corners. It’s important for the machine to have various types of nozzles and hoses. Large hoses allow air to pass through whereas nozzles of varying sizes allow you to clean different areas like back seats, hoods, covers, mats, windows and curtains.

If you’re habitual of cleaning wet spills as well as solid messes, you can opt for a device that comes with wet and dry cleaning capacities. Make sure that you get a vacuum that includes all the basic functions for your regular tasks. Don’t buy large-sized, heavy and sophisticated models otherwise you might end up in a frustrating situation.

What Are The Options?

Folks, who’re looking for versatility in their vacuums, can opt for Metropolitan Vac N Blow. This remarkable widget features a 4HP motor and 13 cleaning tools that are meant for tough jobs. If you’re seeking something small and affordable, check out the Bissell series. Bissell Auto Mate is a lightweight, portable and multipurpose tool that includes nozzles of various sizes. You may also opt for Bissell Clean-View.

Want to clean curtains and cushion covers as well? Better get Eureka Easy Clean Vac. This handheld device includes a 20-foot long cord, powerful motor and Riser Visor for cleaning floors as well as upholstery. If you want a simple vacuum for routine functions, you can get Schumacher 1213. It comes with 3 basic attachments that can handle most messes.

Black & Decker and Dirt Devil are two popular names in the vacuum industry. The models manufactured by these brands include special features like vehicle power adaptor, crevice tools and sensitive filters that help you accomplish your job.

A Final Word…

All these car vacuum cleaners have been rated high by the customers. They’re easy-to-use and come at affordable rates. However, you should consider your personal requirements, compare their features and read a few reviews before purchasing a product from the market.

How to Pick a Good Canister Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is increasingly becoming popular. This type of flooring is commonly chosen because of the elegant look and feel that it can give to any kind of home, whether traditional or modern. However, cleaning hardwood floors might seem to be a bit of a challenge when you don’t have the proper cleaning tools (a good hardwood vacuum).

Hardwood Floor

Simplest Maintenance Method

The most basic thing that you can do to maintain your wood floor is to vacuum it regularly. You have to get rid of all those dust and dirt, even the ones that get stuck between the crevices and corners. You probably have noticed that sometimes brooms, even with very fine bristles, can’t seem to handle those hard to reach areas. So with this, I recommend that you really invest in a good vacuum cleaner that can keep your hardwood floor dust-free and can prevent arm or back aches on your part.

Upright or Canister?

Some of you probably have this question in mind. So if you’re going to ask me, I suggest that you go for the canister vacuum. Yes, upright vacuums may be a little cheaper, but canisters are more appropriate for hardwood because they are lightweight and easier to move. This type of vacuums usually has wheels that can allow you to move it from one part of the house to another without leaving scratches. Aside from that, canisters are also lightweight and you can easily use them without getting muscle aches of any sort. Upright vacuums, on the other hand, are normally heavier which makes it more prone to cause scuff marks.

Choosing the Best Canister Cleaner

So now that you know what you want, you’re going to need to know how to pick the best canister vacuum for your hardwood floor. If canister style vacuums aren’t your style, you can also consider picking up a top rated backpack vacuum cleaner. There are actually a lot of factors that you need to consider, and the most important ones are listed below.

1. High Suction Power

This is pretty self-explanatory. Of course if you want to get rid of all those dirt and small debris in the crevices and corners, your cleaner needs to have a significantly high suction power. If your vacuum has a good suction ability, you can just vacuum the floor once. It will save you a lot more time and energy.

2. Padded

Hardwood can get easily scratched, so you should really double check on your vacuum before purchasing it to ensure that it has rubber or felt pads especially on the vacuum head. These pads can prevent scratch marks on your floor.

3. Without Beater Brush

Check the vacuum head. If it has a brush with hard bristles that rotates, you’re picking the wrong product.Beater brushes are suitable for carpets but definitely not recommended for hardwood. Trust me, these beater brushes with hard bristles will just leave scratch marks all over your floor.

4. Lightweight

As mentioned earlier, an effective cleaning tool needs to be lightweight, so you can move it easily from one place to another. Canister vacuums are normally light but there are some that are a little heavier than usual. So I suggest that you pick one that is lightweight so your daily cleaning task will be a whole lot easier and you won’t get any back or arm aches.

Final Words…

A canister vacuum can be considered as one of the essentials if you have a wood flooring. This can help in maintaining the natural beauty and shine of your hardwood and can even make them last longer. Sometimes, it can be really hard to choose which product to buy especially with all the advertisements claiming their product to be the “best”.

With this, I strongly suggest that you keep in mind the important factors mentioned above so you will be able to judge a product on your own and not just rely on what the advertisements say.

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